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Bringing your foreign fiancée, partner or spouse to the UK on a settlement visa is a life changing event. We understand the stress that dealing with the UK immigration authorities and navigating through the increasingly complex UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI), formerly UK Border Agency (UKBA), rules and regulations can bring, and the emotional toll the application process may take on you and your loved one. This is why our team of experienced UK marriage visa consultants and multilingual overseas assistants is here to shoulder the full weight of the immigration legislation and application on your behalf. This represents one of the principal reasons for hiring us; to allow you and your partner to relax and focus on other things, especially your relationship and other important commitments.

Some of our UK visa consultants have faced the family immigration process first-hand on a personal level, which enables them to fully empathise with your case, from the sleepless nights worrying about the outcome of a settlement application, to the arrival of the brown envelope through the door carrying the approved fiancée, marriage or partner visa. All of the above has enabled our consultancy to maintain the high standards we adhere to. We pride ourselves on our excellent reputation for providing the highest quality service, compassion and support to our clients and their families. Read more

UKVI income threshold: meeting the financial requirement after 11 April 2024

Since the introduction of a new financial requirement on 11 April 2024, the process of obtaining a UK marriage, fiancee and unmarried (de facto) partner visa under the settlement category has become increasingly complex. Many UK sponsors, including British citizens and legal permanent residents, who seek to make a settlement application for their foreign partner, fiancee or spouse to join them in the UK are unable to satisfy the strict criteria set out by the UK Visas and Immigration. The minimum income threshold required to sponsor Read more

UKVI English language test: mandatory requirement for partners and spouses

The English language requirement was first introduced by the UK Border Agency (UKBA) on 29 November 2010. Unless subject to an exemption based on age, academic qualifications, physical or mental condition or exceptional compassionate grounds, all visa applicants who are not nationals of a majority English-speaking country as defined by the UKVI, are required to pass a mandatory English test in order to qualify for an unmarried partner, spouse or fiancee visa under the settlement category. The UKVI list of approved English test providers Read more

UKVI tuberculosis (TB) testing requirement for partners and spouses of British Citizens

Since the UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) is expanding its network of countries participating in the pilot pre-entry TB screening programme, more applicants are required to undergo a mandatory medical examination before they can apply for a UK fiancee, partner or spousal visa to settle in the UK. In most countries applicants must be tested for active tuberculosis at the medical facilities run by the International Organisation for Migration (IOM). Only certificates issued by the IOM will be accepted by the UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI). Read more