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We offer a wide range of immigration consultancy services for couples wishing to apply for a UK fiancee, unmarried (de facto) partner or spousal visa to reunite in the UK. We help our clients navigate through the complex UK settlement visa application process from the initial consultation to the final outcome of their case. We offer a free initial consultation as we believe that our potential clients have the right to learn more about the UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI), policies and procedures, application process and should not be charged for the privilege. Our professional UK family visa eligibility assessment is designed for our UK immigration consultants to learn more about your circumstances so that we can determine whether or not you meet the basic eligibility requirements to sponsor your foreign fiancee, de facto partner, civil partner, husband or wife for a settlement visa to live and work in the UK.

Our immigration consultants are highly experienced in UK family immigration matters, as they have been carefully selected for their unparalleled compassion and approachability, so that our clients are comfortable asking any questions and raising any concerns as we pursue their immigration case. We understand that no immigration matter is more sensitive than a partner or marriage visa and we work hard to support our clients through these trying times. Our mission is to provide the highest quality service, compassion and support to our UK clients and their loved ones, as we realise how difficult it is to be apart. During the free initial consultation, we will discuss all UK visa options available to suit your particular circumstances, with the advantages of each option clearly highlighted to ensure that the most suitable visa application is pursued. Our professional expertise will ensure any potential problems are clearly identified and resolved before they develop into potentially serious issues that may result in a UK settlement visa being refused by the UKVI Decision Making Centre (DMC) in Sheffield.

Gathering supporting documentation | Multilingual legal assistants

Once we have established that a UK fiancee, partner or spousal visa is likely to be granted in your case and you have appointed us to handle your immigration matter, one of our dedicated UK marriage visa consultants will coordinate the necessary paperwork with you and your loved one, using our easy, step-by-step instructions, questionnaires and sample documents. With fluent Spanish, Chinese, Tagalog, Thai, and Russian speaking assistants being part of our team, we are able to communicate with your partner or spouse in their native language, ensuring the correct paperwork is gathered, not to mention a comforting ability to provide advice and assistance in these languages. Our experience and efficiency in gathering the correct immigration paperwork will ensure the application is swiftly submitted to the regional UKVI Decision Making Centre (DMC) in Sheffield encouraging the assessing Entry Clearance Officer (ECO) to process and approve the application as quickly as possible.

Contact with the UKVI in Sheffield and pre-interview preparation

We will act as your legal representative throughout the UK marriage visa application process; all telephone, fax and email queries from the UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) will be dealt with quickly, effectively and professionally. Applicants will be regularly updated and, as our consultants are committed to staying ahead of industry developments, we will inform you of any regulatory or administrative changes that may affect your settlement application.

It is the face-to-face or telephone settlement visa interview, if requested by the examining UKVI officials in order to make a final determination of eligibility, that can cause the most stress. We provide comprehensive UK marriage interview preparation to ensure that the applicant and their UK sponsor are totally comfortable with the process. It is also the most crucial element of the UK partner visa application process as, although personal or telephone interviews are scheduled in a small number of cases, many applications are rejected at this stage due to insufficient preparation. A full understanding of what to expect going into the interview greatly increases the likelihood of a UK fiancee, partner or spouse visa being granted.

Two service plans available

Most of our clients choose a ‘full package’ to take advantage of our most comprehensive UK marriage visa service and a wide range of additional benefits this service provides, including a 100% money back guarantee (no-win-no-fee), professional error-free UKVI form preparation, unlimited consultation and full support for their foreign fiancee, partner or spouse in their native language (our legal assistants speak Russian, Chinese, Tagalog, Thai and Spanish).

We also offer a ‘partial review’ service which is mainly designed for couples that have some experience dealing with the UK immigration authorities, but nonetheless, would like to have their UK settlement fiancee, spouse or partner visa application reviewed by a professional UK immigration adviser for peace of mind. If your finances are tight, or you intend to manage the application on your own, our popular ‘review’ service is an affordable and value for money option to assist your preparation. Our partial package includes professional review of your application forms and supporting documents to ensure a complete and accurate submission.

We operate on a fixed fee basis which applies to both partial and full packages.

Please complete our online UK marriage visa assessment form on the right hand side of the page to receive more information about our professional immigration services, packages and fees. One of our UK family visa consultants will contact you within 24 hours to provide a quote. There is no charge for your initial consultation.

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