UK family visas: end of year summary

27 December 2022

In just a few days, we will reach a complete year past the uncertainties of COVID-19 and be approaching a second year into the post pandemic period. As we reflect over 2022, it has been a full year that we have consistently been able to assist our clients in entry to the UK. While our webpage has a lot of information on fiancée, spouse, unmarried partner visas, UKVI fees and the like, we have decided to provide a little insight into the changes we have made over the past 12 months in order to maintain the highest standards possible in our professional practice.

The last 33 months presented a different approach in the way that we worked, which was a massive change for our advisers. We are proud to say that while 2020 – 2021 might have slowed us down, it certainly did not stop us. As soon as the UKVI made changes in the way that they would accept visa applications and concessions they applied in light of the pandemic, our business decision was to incorporate consideration of the international health care legislations when advising clients which would enable us to be a more inclusive and tailored practice.

Once some countries rules relaxed, we began a new training regime for our advisers which addressed allowing for regular country specific updates on health entrance requirements from each country. The UKVI rules which were adapted to consider sponsored or furloughed sponsors, were included in our training which again enabled us to keep our advice current, despite a unanimously emotional period. Through such training, our advisers were able to keep their knowledge fresh and current, whilst maintaining our customer service through diplomacy when discussing health requirements, empathy when handling customers financial changes, particularly with clients who were no longer able to meet the Home Office financial requirement to bring their foreign fiancée, partner or spouse to the UK on a settlement visa, and as usual tact and accuracy when advising on immigration requirements which remained unchanged.

The changes which would impact on when an applicant could submit an application and advising them on the best way forward based on their country listing was a high focus of our firm coming out of the pandemic, with great results. This enabled our clients to have confidence in the advice provided at an international uncertain time post pandemic. While this has been a challenge, it has drawn us closer to the realities our clients have faced in the last two years and we deeply appreciate the trust our clients have placed in our professional family visa services.

While the holiday period will bring a time for rest and reflection, we are ever committed to not letting our hands rest, as we tirelessly reunite families worldwide. We look forward to working with you in the new year. Thank you for making our job enjoyable and our lives more fulfilling!

We wish you and your families all a happy holiday season. team

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