UK partner and spouse visa fees set to rise on 18 March 2016

7 March 2016

The UK government announced earlier this year that UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) application fees would increase to reduce reliance on taxpayer contributions. As a result, some visa categories will see a significant increase (up to 25%) in 2016. Most notably, UK settlement partner, fiancée and spouse visa application processing fee is set to rise from its current rate of £956 to £1,195 per applicant. The associated premium services will also see an increase after 18 March 2016. The UKVI settlement priority service fee will go up from £360 to £450 per applicant. Dependants must pay a separate application fee. All fees are non refundable regardless of the outcome.

Those applying for further leave to remain – FLR, indefinite leave to remain – ILR (settlement) from inside the UK after 18 March 2016 will have to pay £811 (currently £649) and £1,875 (currently 1,500), respectively. Applications made in person at a local UKVI premium service centre in the UK (same day service) will attract a higher booking fee in the amount of £500 (currently £400) per person. Naturalisation application fees will rise to £1,236 (currently £1,005) as the citizenship ceremony fee in the amount of £80 has been added to the UKVI application processing fee.

The NHS immigration health surcharge that must be paid as part of any settlement or FLR application made from inside or outside the UK remains the same in 2016. Those applying for a UK settlement partner or marriage visa from outside the UK are required to pay £600 in addition to their base UKVI application fee whereas FLR applicants must pay £500 per person. Australians and New Zealanders will be required to pay the NHS surcharge as part of their immigration application after 6 April 2016 despite the existing reciprocal health care agreements with the UK.

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